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Safety Tips

We take all the necessary precautions to ensure that our platform is a safe place for car sellers and buyers to transact. However, since we are not involved in the actual transactions, we offer these key tips to stay safe.

To help us constantly improve your safety and experience, please report any suspicious posts and interactions to us via our email [email protected]

Please note that does NOT take any liability of your transactions. That is, Transactions are between users only, we do not provide any guarantees.


  • Please meet in an open location: Ensure you meet in an open location when making any transaction. Secluded places are highly risky and not advisable and do not invite strangers to your home.
  • Inspect products thoroughly before payment: Be especially careful buying/selling high value items. It's advisable you inspect your goods and make sure you are completely happy with the item before making payment. Ensure you Involve third parties in the transaction when needed
  • There should be no sharing of personal details such as bank account number, ATM Card Details, Copy of your ID, etc
  • Keep copies of all correspondence (emails, ads, letters, etc.) and details of the person.
  • If a deal seems too good to be true, there is every chance that this is the case. Refrain
  • Tell a friend or family member where you’re going and always take your cell phone along. However, consider having a friend accompany you
  • Do not carry large amount of money
  • Try and take someone along with you to ensure that you have thoroughly check the product(s) and confirm all necessary document(s) before purchase and for your own safety

How to sell safely?

  • Ensure you collect the full payment when delivering your goods, and also remember to meet in an open place for your transactions
  • Make sure to deliver the exact product you listed in your ad to avoid misunderstanding and bad ratings as this may affect your sales
  • If you are paid in cash, thoroughly check for fake currency, no bank will accept such and you will be held responsible.
  • Confirm the buyer’s details and preadventure bulk sales are involved. Ask the buyer to provide a photo ID and proof of address
  • Only share the financial information required for payment and not more to avoid being duped

How to buy safely?

  • Meet the seller at an open place and thoroughly inspect the item before purchasing it. This also goes for house rentals, job seekers and people offering services so as to avoid getting scammed
  • Beware of unrealistic offers, goods that seem too cheap or job offers that appear too good to be true. These types of offers allow buyers to make hasty decisions that can later cause regret
  • Persistently inquire from the seller the precise condition, price, payment and delivery method of the item you would like to purchase
  • Ensure you use the payment methods that you are familiar with and do not disclose your financial information
  • It is advised that you buy items directly from the seller
  • To avoid any form of misunderstanding, it is best to collect the item and pay cash than to transfer payment or use debit card when the seller is not directly involved
  • It is also advised that you test before purchasing when goods like electronics, automobiles etc. are involved, verify chassis/engine number and involve a third party to be a witness in case of theft or untimely damage and for identification purposes
  • Be sure to research and compare various prices for the item you are interested in

For Phone:

If you are buying a mobile phone, check thoroughly for any damage on the physical appearance, the touch pad and calibration, screen, battery, charging and earpiece port

Research and know the price of the particular brand you are buying and compare with the price given by the seller and negotiate if need be.

Also, if the phone is too cheap, check if it's not stolen (ALWAYS CONFIRM THIS BY TELLING SELLER TO SHOW YOU THE PROOF OWNERSHIP AND GET A COPY WHEN NEEDED), fake or has internal damage.

If any accessories are added, check if they are working well and if they are not added, find out the price and negotiate with the seller.

Beware of refurbished phones, carefully check and inspect. Ask for necessary documents and phone warranty

Switch the phone on to ensure its working and test with your sim card, memory card and the likes to ensure it is working well

Sellers should ensure that all personal data are removed before selling out

For Jobs:

  • Ensure you conduct a background check on the company before going for an interview by verifying it’s website and location
  • Do not make any upfront payment for a job application or go for interviews in secluded or unfamiliar places

For Cars:

If you are buying a Car, Conduct important checks to ensure that the car is in good condition:

Inspect for dents, breakage and scratches.

Search thoroughly to find any signs of previous accidents.

Question for any difference in the shade of color on different body parts.

Examine the bonnet & boot to ensure things are intact such as tool kits etc.

Check the interior of the vehicle to test steering wheel, pedals, car seat and likes.

If you don’t know much about cars, multi-point checks, technical inspection and safety check should be performed by experts.

Request to test-drive the car to test the tyres, brakes, shock absorbers, engine etc. Ensure that this is done with permission from the seller also involve an expert/third party for proper guidance and this should be done in day time.

Car’s history:

Check car history to be sure it is not stolen or used as a collateral. Have the copies of car’s registration and other documents verified.

You can verify your documents with little or no hassle by Government initiated services.

SMS and website services has been developed by the Road Transport Ministry as means by which details of cars and drivers can be checked.


Make sure that all protocols are duly observed and followed before buying the car. Have the Registration Certificate (RC) transferred into your name, be on the lookout for PUC (Pollution under control certificate), Prior servicing papers, Insurance papers, and NOC (No Objection Certificate). p

Tips on Important documents to check before buying a Nigerian used car: It is necessary to ask for these documents before buying a Nigerian used car before you get duped by 419. There are 10 must-have documents:

  • Fully stamped Custom documents.
  • Original transfer of ownership documents.
  • Computerized Motor Registration.
  • Original Insurance papers.
  • Original driver’s license.
  • Original road worthiness certificate.
  • The plate number allocation.
  • Purchasing documents.
  • VIN, such as engine number, chassis number etc.
  • Tint permit, when applicable.

If you suspect scam or criminality, please report to the Nigerian Police Force