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We take all the necessary precautions to ensure that our platform is a safe place for car sellers and buyers to transact. However, since we are not involved in the actual transactions, we offer these key tips to stay safe.
To help us constantly improve your safety and experience, please report any suspicious posts and interactions to us via our email support@ileoja.ngsupport@ileoja.ng or 070....
Please note that ileoja.ng does NOT take any liability of your transactions. That is, Transactions are between users only, we do not provide any guarantees.

  • Ensure you conduct a background check on the company before going for an interview by verifying its website and location.
  • Do not make any upfront payment for a job application or go for interviews in secluded or unfamiliar places.
  • Tips on Important documents to check before buying a Nigerian used car: It is necessary to ask for these documents before buying a Nigerian used car before you get duped by 419. There are 10 must-have documents:
  • Fully stamped custom documents
  • Original transfer of ownership
  • Computerized Motor Registration
  • Original Insurenace papers
  • Original Driver's License
  • Original road worthiness certificate
  • The plate number allocations
  • Purchasing Documents
  • VIN, such as engine number, chassis number etc.
  • Tint permit, when applicable.
If you suspect scam or criminality, please report ot the Nigerian polica Force