What is the ileoja [marketplace]?

Ileoja is any place that people buy and sell, a link between both buyers and sellers. It’s an online marketplace with a difference, where people buy and sell without leaving their houses. You can also look for jobs and order various services from people around you anywhere you go in Nigeria.

Where are your stores located?

Ileoja is an online marketplace where you can sell your products, buy goods from willing and able sellers, find a job or services you need. For anything you are looking to buy or sell, we help you find each other.

Are you in charge of goods delivery?

No, we are not.

How can I post an ad on Ileoja?

Click on SELL NOW. Fill out the necessary information about your item starting with the category, sub category, title, description, price and photos. When you are done filling out the required information, click on “Post”. Your advert will be published after it has been reviewed. Once your advert is approved, a notification email will be sent to you. Be prepared to receive various calls from your prospective buyers. Good luck with your sales!

What happens after I post my Ad?

Once your advert goes live, an email will be sent to you. If there is any problem or mistake with your advert, you will get an email that will inform and point out the mistakes so that you can make the necessary adjustments. You can make changes on your already reviewed and posted advert by editing it. It goes through review before it can go live again. You can hide or delete your ad whenever you want, just go to my ads and click on hide ads or delete on the top corner of the particular ad you would like to hide or delete. Similar or of the same content will not be approved.

Why was my Ad rejected?

Here are some possible reasons why your ad was rejected. Posting more than 1 item (For example different items like food, Laptop, dog and shoes) in 1 advert, it will be rejected as such is not allowed on Ileoja.ng because they do not fall in the same category. Your ad will also be rejected if banned products like nudity or images that carry contact details or already have a watermark (i.e. carries another company's logo, brand or symbol) etc. or things that are against our policies, terms and conditions are found in your advert. If the price on your advert seems unreal and unreasonable for the item you want to advertise, your ad will be rejected so you are advised to research and know the market value/appropriate price of the item you post.

How to make your Ad more effective?

Write a well detailed title, it may include the name of the product as well as introduction. Make sure your description is well explanatory. Make sure the price of the item is reasonable and matches the market value. Use a good quality photo preferably one taken by you. Include correct and well detailed contact information and get ready to reply to calls and messages. Be sure to leave detailed information about the item you want to sell because detailed information attracts many buyers.

How long will my ads stay on the site

Your ads will remain on the site for 30days (since the date of the last update) before they finally expire. Please note that you can update your ad if you haven’t sold your item.

What rules do I need to follow to post adverts on Ileoja?

Click on the category and choose a subcategory which best suits your item. Add a suitable title to your ad in the space provided. Include a well detailed description of your item. Upload a clear and good quality picture taken by you, it mustn’t have contact information or carry any watermark. All prices must be pocket friendly and must be of the same price range with similar products. All items and services posted on our website must be located in Nigeria. Every product posted must be legally permitted on our website. Posted ads must include only one item, one and not one ad many items. Post various adverts because adverts that are considered similar will be rejected. Include your correct contact details, so that your prospective customers could reach you with ease. Try to respond to all calls and call back all missed calls if possible

How can I sell better and faster on Ileoja?

Be cautious of every detail. Take a good quality photo of your goods then include the correct details. Make great photographs of your products, compose clear titles, better to make the description have a nitty-gritty portrayal. Make your advert Safe for your potential buyers. Also know that you cannot request for part or full payment before delivery of goods and services. Be quick to respond. Don’t take too long to respond to your buyer’s request. Stay online or subscribe to Boost packages to always get SMS-notifications on new messages. Be at alert to your rating. You can ask your customers to leave feedback on your posts. If you have more positive comments you will attract more customers. Use Premium Services to get up to 100X more customers!

Is it possible for me to put my product in all categories?

No, it is not. When you click on categories, there are many other subcategories that your item should belong to no matter how rare

Things sellers and buyers should look out for to recognize fraud

Meet the buyer/seller at a public place. If the seller insists on meeting at your house and not an open place or buyer insists on you coming to his/her house. If the price of the item seems too good to be true like a very expensive item being sold at a very low price. If the seller wants part payment before sending the item and balance after sending and with the promise of refund if you are not happy with goods. If the buyer says he/she won’t come but will send someone for the pickup, insist on cash because the buyer might send a fake proof of payment or reverse payment if it was made online. If the seller doesn’t want the involvement of a third party as witness in sales of goods like cars, houses etc. If the buyer/seller asks for bank details that have nothing to do with the transaction like your ATM card pin, debit/credit card number. If the buyer asks that the item should be sent before payment. If the buyer claims emphatically on using a cheque.

How can I buy items on Ileoja?

Search for your desired item. Use the search panel and filters to find your desired item. There are over a million adverts where you can choose precisely what you are looking for. Contact the seller of the item. You may chat on Ileoja, Place an order using Order Now, WhatsApp or call them via phone. Discuss all the details, double check the item and negotiate about the price. Place an order for an item. We check our sellers carefully and regularly, but it is always better to double check in every case. Meet the seller in an open place and make sure you pay only after collecting your item. Give us feedback about the seller. Do not hesitate to give us information about your transactions. Your feedback will be published online on the seller’s page and will be extremely useful for other buyers. Let us build a secured and safe professional business community together.

How long can my bio be?

Make your bio short, simple and straight to the point and it shouldn’t be more than 200 words.

List of items not allowed on Ileoja

Narcotics, steroids, and any drugs or medications that require a prescription from a licensed medical specialist. Weapons. Restricted military/police items. Human organs. Illegal/pirated copies. Stolen property. Electronic equipment prohibited by the law. Sexually-oriented services. Products (goods or services) prohibited to sell by the law, in particular. Food, processed food, water, soft drinks, spirit drinks, medical devices, drugs, drug products, cosmetics, chemicals, agrochemicals, pesticides, veterinary drugs, or other goods if they have not been registered with the National Agency for Food & Drug Administration and Control (the “NAFDAC”) or other relevant authority of Nigeria. Any goods, sale, distribution, or advertising of which is banned or restricted by the NAFDAC or any other relevant authority of Nigeria; Any goods, sale, distribution or advertising of which is prohibited by applicable legislation of Nigeria; Any goods that do not comply with standards and quality requirements imposed on such goods by applicable legislation of Nigeria; Any goods that are represented on the label or described as a treatment, preventative, or cure for diseases, disorders, or abnormal physical states specified by applicable legislation of Nigeria. Trophies and wildlife specimens (including but not limited to ivory artifacts and pangolin parts) in relation to which trade is prohibited by applicable legislation. If you have noticed any announcements promoting Prohibited Items on Ileoja, please report them via the “Report Abuse” link available in each posting.

What are Premium Services?

Premium services are promotional packages that help sellers increase and boost their sales. They are created to make goods and services posted on our website known and purchased thereby enhancing large sales.

Types of Premium services on Ileoja

Ileoja offers 3 types of Premium packages that can help you to promote your ads: Top of the page packages, Static account package and Boost account packages. Top ads are placed at the top of the search results page for either 7,21 or 30 days, depending on the duration you have chosen. It means that your potential clients can easily find your ads and, as a result, you can get up to 15 times more customers. Static ads package on ileoja enables your ads to stay on the top of our page for every 30 seconds while it changes which means your product will be immovable from our page even while the viewers scroll down. With the Boost package all your ads appear in search results more often during 1, 3 or 6 months, besides, your products will be constantly shown in similar ads areas. This way you can get up to 100 times more clients. It is advisable to use Boost if you have more than 5 active ads. Certain set of features to gain on Boost packages: More Post in categories. Auto-renew ads every day. Order Now Button. Direct WhatsApp chat with the buyers

How many pictures can I upload?

You can upload as much as you want on each advert but make sure the pictures are of good quality and preferably taken by you.

Why can’t I find my posted ad when I searched for it?

Check if your ad hasn’t expired, all ads when searched for are always shown in the active ads section. Always try to remember the title of your ad because if the spelling is not the same as the word in your search panel it will not show. And also, be sure you remember that your advert hasn’t been hidden by you. If your advert has been rejected by our advert manager you won’t find it.

How to report illegal activity on ileoja?

If you see something suspicious on ileoja, please report the problem. Click on "Report abuse" while you are logged in. Insert your text and click "Send". Our support managers will consider your request immediately. If the seller proves to be a scammer, we will block him or her. Ensure safety first.

Is it possible for me to get exactly what I ordered for?

Yes, very Possible. Even though it is possible, we advise that you double check the product you are buying before payment as it is nearly unattainable for us to verify all of our sellers. And also make sure to meet the seller in an open place.

How to leave feedback about the seller?

If you want to leave feedback, follow the instruction below. Click on the button "Leave feedback", that you can find in each advert; Provide detailed feedback about the seller (was your seller polite with you, are you satisfied with a purchase, etc.); * Note that all Ileoja users will see your feedback. Let's build a safe business community together!