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How to Sell

  1. Create an Account: Create an account by filling in your correct email and phone number or do it via Google or Facebook. Your clients would reach you using the details provided
  2. Take a good quality picture(s) of your product: A very good picture quality brings out the best details in your product which can also attract buyers
  3. Press SELL to post Ad: Choose a proper category and subcategory, write a title (and bonus) and a well-detailed description of your item, upload the quality picture you’ve taken, and enter a reasonable amount. Click post an ad; your advert will be sent for review
  4. Receive the calls and messages from your prospective buyers: If there is nothing wrong with your advert, it’ll be on ileoja site a very few hours after sending it for review. We’ll send you mail and notification, respond to messages and calls from your prospective customers and make huge sales.

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How to sell safely?

  • Ensure you collect the full payment when delivering your goods, and also remember to meet in an open place for your transactions.
  • Make sure to deliver the exact product you listed in your ad to avoid misunderstanding and bad ratings as this may affect your sales
  • If you are paid in cash, thoroughly check for fake currency, no bank will accept such and you will be held responsible
  • Confirm the buyer’s details peradventure bulk sales is involved. Ask the buyer to provide a photo ID and proof of address
  • Only share the financial information required for payment and not more to avoid being duped

How to Increase Your Sales!

  1. Be cautious of every detail
  2. Take a good quality photo of your goods then include the correct details. Make great photographs of your products, compose clear titles, and make the description have a nitty-gritty portrayal
  3. Answer your prospective buyers quickly
  4. Try not to make your buyer wait for a long period of time before you reply to them. Ensure you are online and if not, get SMS notification for your messages.
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How to get more attention from prospective buyers?

There are three ways you can get more customers, which means more attention:

  1. Post great deals that make buyers want to tell their friends about you.
  2. You can also invite your friends to Join Ileoja and earn more
  3. To make more sales, you can share your referral link with Family & Friends via other Social media platforms like WhatsApp etc
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  5. Your adverts will appear at the top of the page and you will sell faster!