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How to Buy

  1. Search for the item you want: Use the search panel and filters to find your desired item. There are over a million adverts where you can choose precisely what you are looking for
  2. Contact a seller: You may chat on ileoja, use the order now button to pay on delivery, whatsApp or call them via phone. Discuss all the details, double check the item and negotiate about the price
  3. Place an order for an item. We check our sellers carefully and regularly, but it is always better to double check in every case.
  4. Meet the seller in an open place and make sure you pay only after collecting and double checking your item.
  5. Give us feedback about the seller
  6. Do not hesitate to give us information about your transactions. Your feedback will be published online on the seller’s page and will be extremely useful for other buyers. Let us build a secured and safe professional business community together.