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How to Sell

Top Ads

Your ad deserves to be on top.

  • Place your ad in prime position so you can boost your sales fast
  • With up to 20x more views than regular ads, it’s the best way to sell
ileoja top ads

Make your ad shine

Your ad deserves to be on top.

  • An orange background makes your ad pop for more views, responses and sales
  • Stand out in both search and category listings

Static Ads

  • Your ad will be at the top even after scrolling down
  • With up to 50X more views than regular ads, it’s the best way to sell


  • Unlimited Ad Listing: The maximum number of postings in free ads is restricted to a few, but upgraded packages allow users to post more ads.
  • Auto-renew Ads: Featured ads are shown higher based on time intervals. With our upgraded packages, ALL your advert will be featured and automatically renewed.
  • WhatsApp Contact Enabled: With any of our packages, your WhatsApp contact will be displayed at every of your advert and this will enable you to get MORE SALES!
ileoja chat enabled
  • Order Now Option: This feature allows buyers to place orders directly in some categories. This will give you more sales!
  • Website URL Display: Drive buyers directly to your website. This will get you more traffic, then everybody wins. Promote your ad and website at the same time.
  • SPECIAL Facebook Advert: With a higher package, you have a choice to select a specific advert that would be promoted for you on Facebook by our SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM! This will definitely increase your VIEWS by over 1000%
ileoja chat enabled